Make $6,000 per year with no new work

We pay eligible restaurants up to $12k / location per year to replace their existing TV commercials with more relevant ads

Taiv | Venues

We substitute TV commercial breaks

Taiv ads automatically play on your TVs whenever there is a commercial break

Advertisers want your TVs

Your customers are the perfect audience for advertisers like alcohol companies

We share the ad revenue

Get paid every month. You make money every time we show an ad

We handle all the work including installation, maintenance, and ad sales

Our top partners make over $1,000 of extra profit per month per location

Sign up in minutes

Answer a few questions to make sure you're eligible

We ship you our cable box add-on and install it for you

Sit back. Relax. Get paid

How it works

Our cable box add-on replaces generic TV commercials with ones that are more relevant and interesting to your customers

Taiv is totally seamless so your customers won't notice anything different

You can use any extra ad slots to advertise your own upsells, specials, and events.

Optionally play music during commercial breaks to improve your atmosphere

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