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We're making business TVs more fun, engaging, profitable, and easier to manage







It started in 2019. Noah (our CEO) was sitting in a bar. On their TVs, they were showing a commercial for another bar down the street. It sparked an idea - what if we could use AI to make interactions with TVs more relevant, interesting, and fun? Years later, Taiv stands by this mission. Our tech makes hundreds of businesses more profitable and easier to run. Taiv makes bars more fun for millions of people every month.

Our team

It's all about the people

We're a small, fast growing team with a bias for action. Everyone is empowered to make a real impact, and leverage their unique strengths. We hire the best people and invest heavily in training to help you grow both personally and professionally. Check out our available positions below.

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Headshot of Noah Palansky

Noah Palansky

Co-Founder, CEO

Headshot of Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis

Co-Founder, CTO

Headshot of Avi Stoller

Avi Stoller

Co-Founder, CRO

Headshot of Mitch Conway

Mitch Conway

Head of Partnerships

Headshot of Shona Grewar

Shona Grewar

Chief of Staff

Headshot of Tony Siconolfi

Tony Siconolfi

Head of Programmatic Advertisements

Headshot of Mike Bender

Mike Bender

Senior Director, Ad Partnerships

Headshot of Lexi Palansky

Lexi Palansky

Senior Director, Ad Partnerships

Headshot of Nicole Arenas

Nicole Arenas

Account Manager

Headshot of Trent Favoni-Grossart

Trent Favoni-Grossart

Director of Partnerships

Matthew Gardner

Matthew Gardner

Director of Partnerships

Headshot of Tyler Kippen

Tyler Kippen

Director of Partnerships

Headshot of Mike Hart

Mike Hart

Director of Partnerships

Headshot of Garrett Bruce

Garrett Bruce

Partner Sales

Headshot of Brooke Armstrong

Brooke Armstrong

Partnerships Specialist

Headshot of Noelle Merkel

Noelle Merkel

Partner Account Manager

Headshot of Ezra Hall

Ezra Hall

Software Team Lead

Headshot of Scott Murray

Scott Murray

Software Development Engineer

Headshot of Aaron Noyes

Aaron Noyes

Software Development Engineer

Generic male placeholder headshot

Leo Zheng

Embedded Firmware Developer

Headshot of Michael Dobosz

Michael Dobosz

Hardware Designer

Headshot of Michael Zaragoza

Michael Zaragoza

Manufacturing Lead

Generic male placeholder headshot

Ihor Kachura

Manufacturing Technician

Headshot of Brendan O'Doherty

Brendan O'Doherty

Embedded Firmware Developer

Headshot of Jansell Ruiz

Jansell Ruiz

Lead A/V Technician

Headshot of Michael Wenz

Michael Wenz

A/V Technician

Generic male placeholder headshot

Chance Stewart

A/V Technician

Headshot of James Branch

James Branch

A/V Technician

Headshot of Chris Chin

Chris Chin

Operations Intern